Monday, October 20, 2008

The last couple of months I've taken the time to go back through most of my pictures from hiking trips with Russell and friends. It has brought back many nice memories of Russell and the great times we had exploring the North Fork. Catherine was also part of many of those trips and she kindly has shared some of her pictures from some of those hikes and others with Russell. Catherine has many nice photos and I will post a few here for her(don't want to overload you too much). I think I've figured out where most of these pictures were taken.

With Gus and Greg on Big Granite Creek.

Deep in Giant Gap on the HOUT. Love the two differing expressions.

Along the HOUT. Hmmm, what were they thinking? One of them is using the wrong arm.

Always curious.

Hauling garbage out of Green Valley. I wonder how much garbage this man hauled out of the canyon in his life.

On the Pinnacle Ridge of Giant Gap with Lovers Leap in background.

One of the big cedars in Four Horse Flat along the Big Granite Trail. One of my favorites, just love that smile.

Thanks Catherine, I've really enjoyed looking at your pictures.


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Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks for these pictures. In my opinion, this is the BEST use of the internet ever... we would have never seen all of the wonderful pictures Russell's friends and family had.