Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I never met Russell but he seems like a kindred spirit to me. I posted a report about the big trees of Sailor Flat here and named the largest tree found there after Russell. Michael Taylor (explorer and big tree hunter)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Shellie's 180x60 in 2017!

Greetings... This is my first blog on my quest for a 180° change in my fitness level and strength and eating habits by the time I'm 60 in 2017! I'm 58 and I need to lose over 100 pounds. When I lose that weight and get stronger I want to be on the cover of People Magazine for losing OVER 100 pounds! I've got just under sixteen months until my birthday... and I'm ready to do this! 180x60!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


I'm a 26 year-old hiker from Roseville. I never knew Russel, but I wanted to offer my condolences and thanks to him for publishing such a wealth of information about the trails here. I'm currently working my way through his blog, which has taken weeks, and every post seems to answer one of my questions or tell me something I didn't know about the region - and this despite having spent the last several years compiling information about the trails here. I'm fairly sure that his work on the area at least matches the rest of the internet combined, and it's given me a long list of trails - and historic and geologic points of interest - that I hope to visit soon. Even though I'm only someone who randomly found the blog on a Google search, I've read enough that I feel like I knew him, and some of the words in the journal transcripts that you've posted might as well be my own. I hope that you keep his blog and website up to inspire the next generation of hikers and environmentalists to get out and do something other than Steven's Trail, and discover for themselves Northern California's Yosemite. -Matt

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Song For Russell

I posted this a couple of years ago but the old link is no longer available so I wanted to post a new one. I would like to dedicate a song I wrote many years ago to Russell. I have read Russell's Blog many times as I am an avid hiker/environmentalist/prospector and I have always found his writing to describe these beautiful places as very inspirational. Because of his writing I have hiked some of these places he has described and have been able to experience these wonderful places. I hope the rest of us can pick up the torch he carried and continue to preserve these wild and historic areas. This song is called "First Light". This song came to me as a vision of the sun rising over the mountain tops somewhere in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It really could be anywhere as you hear this song play.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It is a significant tribute for someone to continue to be remembered long after their passing.  I purchased a cabin in Emigrant Gap about three years ago.  Being interested in the area and it's history, I started researching via the internet.  And that is how I found Russell Towle's blog which has been the source of a wealth of information about the North Fork American River region and it's history.

Thank you for the legacy!  I am sorry that I never met you.

Carol Guida
Emigrant Gap

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The signpost

This made me think of Russell. A poem by Wilhelm Muller (translated by Mirian Abramowitsch) The Signpost Why do I avoid the paths That other wanderers tread, and seek out hidden trails through snowy, rocky heights? I have done nothing that I should shun people -- what foolish longing drives me into the wilderness? Signs stand on the paths, pointing toward the towns, and I walk aimlessly, without rest, seeking rest. One signpost I see standing immovable before my gaze; one road I must travel from which no one has ever returned.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Ken Smith, I'm the "Dad" in this image, and I remember Russ so vividly from our time in Palo Alto, that I recently googled him, and was saddened to find a 'remembering Russ' blog, but thrilled by the life he lived. I have to tell you, he was Russell Towle even at age 9-10. A lot of credit should go to Russ's Dad. I remember one trip Russ, his Dad and I went on down to Needles National Monument to go spelunking. Pretty big adventure for a 10 year old. Another thing Russ and I did, along with Jack Burns (pictured), is we hiked up Palo Alto's paved creek beds until they became concrete conduits, and kept going, for a whole day, and we came up through a conduit miles from home and didn't recognize where we were. We had to call one of our Moms. I don't remember who, but I bet it was Russ's because his family would have understood. Reply to .