Saturday, October 4, 2008

I just found this photo from summer of 1988. That's Dutch Flat artist Steve Patrick on the right. We are on the top of a mountain, I believe Anderson Peak on the Sierra Crest. This is a self-timer shot. Russ is holding the summit register, and the camera is perched on the summit cairn. I wonder what we wrote in the register? Wonder where summit registers end up?

See, my hair wasn't ALWAYS gray ; )

Check out Russ's fancy hiking footwear. This was typical.



Shellie said...

The footwear in this picture is EXACTLY why there will be cute little "bare foot" paperclips at the tribute weekend... for all of us who use paperclips who will think of Russ and his bare feet when we see the paperclips! I will have them at the "art table" in Dutch Flat! Shellie

Karen said...

I remember when your hair wasn't gray, Gay! This picture was taken when Gem and Gus were pretty young and before Janet and Greg, right? Wow. Time does fly. I'm looking forward to time together this week and the following weekend.