Thursday, January 14, 2010

Russ would be so proud...

I was just reading Janet and Greg's Blogs... and it made me think about just how very proud of both of them Russ would be. I do wish he was around to participate... as it was through his responses to Janet that I saw such a sweet, tender side of Russell. When I'm out walking around picking up rocks I think a Russ a lot... he would have liked them.

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Karen said...

Yes, I can only imagine the stories of Wild Mouse meeting Janet's pet --- Russ would have had some fun with that! I think he would be very proud to see Janet and Greg both working so hard in their classes and also enjoying their free time and all the craziness in between -- and I bet we could've gotten him down to Santa Cruz - or at least the nearby beaches! Russ, I miss you.
Hike in peace,