Monday, August 17, 2009

First Annual Russell Towle Memorial Backpacking Adventure

Friends and Family,

On August 7 - 9, a group of us met at Wabena Point and backpacked down Palisade Trail to the Royal Gorge - Russell's favorite wilderness paradise, his echoing canyon of canyons! It was an incredible adventure, so if you missed it, read all about it here! And plan on coming along next time!


Karen said...

A beautiful and moving description of the trip - thank you, it brought me along in sight, sound, and feeling. I am weeping for my brother tonight, but so very thankful for many who love and loved him so well.

Naticus Maximus Cartographica said...

Please let me know of the next trip, I would love to go. I just did a very short trip down part of Palisade just yesterday with my 2 kids. We didn't get too far, but it was a nice scouting adventure for my future hikes. Let me know of any other hikes that this group does.

I think while this group was doing this trip, I was off to Euchre Bar and Lover's Leap and trying to keep my daughter from touching poison oak.

I came across this site, the NFAR blog, Russel's site, and the North Fork of the American River Alliance. As a result, I started my adventures and explorations to this beautiful area as well. I am planning on supporting the NFARA and updating my adventures through my blog and website ( with maps, photos, etc. all as a result of the wonderful work and writings your brother did.

Thank you for the post and please keep me in the loop!

Nathan Jennings