Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Following His Tracks

I do a lot of walking in this area (although certainly not a lot compared to Russell). Many times over the years, I've worked my way deep into some little-known canyon, seeking their hidden mysteries, and on my return found email from Russell describing his own trek into the same area just a day or two prior. On far more occasions, however, the same kind of email would appear, tipping me off to new places to explore.

I revisited such a place a couple months back, off the beaten track, no sign of other travelers having been here for a long time. Very likely the case, too, considering the heavy brush in the area was recently burned off by a fire.

At the hike's turn-around point I sat down to eat lunch, a rocky point with views deep into the NFNF canyon. And there, at this same point, was one of Russell's clipped trees, neatly cut off at waist level. I felt like I had just missed him on the trail.


Bodie the Dog said...

Fergot to sign my entry. Call me Bodie the Dog.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Russel at all but am an avid hiker. Found his blog shortly after his death and was, like all here, amazed to find such a mine of knowledge about a beautiful hiking area. I continue to visit his blog to read and re-read it so he continues to live on both the those who knew and loved him and to strangers who still respect his knowledge. Peace to all.