Sunday, March 1, 2009

Russell's 60th Birthday

UPDATE on weather/road conditions, Friday 7 March: Scratch that last post! This is actually Greg, but my mom wanted to let you all know that the road isn't as good as previously stated. You can make it in if you have good clearance or four-wheel drive, but otherwise, it's likely you'll get stuck. If you want to leave you car out at the Alta exit from the freeway, feel free, just give us a call and I'll come out and pick you up. Happy March! Greg.

UPDATE on weather/road conditions, Friday 6 March: We saw increasing sun today, and patches of ground are now showing up under some trees. The road in has gotten pretty easy; it's tracked down to the road surface, so it should not be a problem for anyone. There's still lots of lovely snow in the meadow, good texture for igloo and sculpture building. Down at the cabins where more ground is showing through, it's muddy. Gloves and boots are in order!

UPDATE on weather/road conditions, Thursday 5 March:
Weather looks promising, dry for the weekend, partly cloudy. The snow that we got on Tuesday (about a foot) is melting rapidly but still covers the ground everywhere. We did a lot of shoveling Wednesday and can now drive to the bottom of the meadow with our 4WD cars. Anyone driving a 4WD will not have problems getting in here even now. By Sunday, I'm confident that even 2WD vehicles will make it OK... but Saturday—can't be sure yet.

The meadow is absolutely beautiful when snow covered. My memorial dreamcatcher has taken a hit though; one of its support ropes has broken so that it has flopped over and hangs low and doesn't look now like it was ever round. That's OK, it evolves... I think we should make fanciful snow sculptures to surround it with sparkling whimsy ; )

The guest of honor can't be here, but we'll celebrate his fascinating life anyway. Join Gay, and Greg (and maybe Janet, Gem, Gus) at the cabins, anytime during the weekend of March 7-8. Bring food to share, music to share, but YOURSELF mainly.

IMPORTANT--check back here on Thursday evening or Friday for an update on our weather/road conditions. If the current series of storms results in snow at this elevation (4000') the road may become difficult or impassable, and we don't want anyone to get stuck. If the road is going to be a problem, we'll move the gathering somewhere else, below the snow.

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