Saturday, September 6, 2008

My favorite portrait of Russ

I took this photo shortly after Janet was born, probably Spring of 1990.


Anonymous said...

Gay -- I LOVE this photo and just tried to add it to the sidebar... but the software kept saying it was 'invalid' whether I loaded it using the URL from your pic... or downloaded the pic first and then tried to upload it again. Maybe one of your computer savvy children can figure it out. It would be nice if Russ's cheery face was there every time we opened the blog... I love this pic! MJP

Ryan Romanchuk said...

Is there a sign up for updates on the October tribute? I got an error trying to use

Is it working for everyone else?

I'd love to stay informed.

rromanchuk at gmail dot com

Gay said...

Mary Jo, I'll try myself today to stick that photo in the sidebar or maybe in the header.

Ryan, I'll see what's up with that email address. Thanks for letting me know you got an error trying to use it. I hope I can get that fixed, cuz it just went out in a printed newsletter. I'll keep you informed one way or another, and look forward to meeting you in October. THANKS!

~ Gay

Karen said...

Thank you, Gay. I printed out this picture so I can keep it with me - I can see Russell like this even when it is dark - it's a good picture and a good memory. Karen