Friday, August 15, 2008

Big Granite Creek & New York Canyon Treks Exemplify Russell's Adventurous Spirit

Hi All,

I hope you have a chance to read about the Big Granite Creek Basin and New York Canyon adventure undertaken by Russell and me two years ago. These were two very memorable, tough outings to the back country of the North Fork wilderness he loved so dearly. I will always cherish these adventures and treasure the memories of my time with him, not only on these rugged overnighters, but on several other occasions we had time together - his love affair with Canyon Creek; camping at Big Granite on the North Fork; harrowing episodes hiking the (named by him) HOUT (High Old Upper Trail) and the inimitable and difficult Green Valley loops. I will always be - as everyone who knew him will be - in touch with his spirit when we're out and about exploring the North Fork American River country where he now eternally resides. Tom McGuire

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